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We have something to celebrate - And prizes will wait for you

We have something to celebrate. 1000 videos online at Triple Grace! 1000 videos for you to see the prophetic and to study the Kingdom of Heaven. Triple Grace is not for entertainment but it is your University of Heaven to study the end times and to get prepared for your destiny as a true Son or Daughter of the Most High. Your time has come to be an end time harvest worker and to establish a holy place in your neighborhood.

Brothers and Sisters, help others to dive into these 1000 prophetic videos for study, for orientation, for guidance and for a change in their life. Support Triple Grace so that we can spread the knowledge given to us by the Holy Spirit to all the Nations. We need to establish holy places on all continents and to boost the reach of our channel by using social media and other programs so that these heavenly gifts will go out around the globe.

You can help us at this joyous occasion of 1000 videos by sowing into the words and messages that we are bringing to you every day. Please sow either by PayPal or by Patreon at the following links:

The highest 10 donations will receive a free copy of our Book of Love that contains spiritual insights and guidance for such a time as this. Celebrate with us this weekend in May and lift us up with your kind donations so that Triple Grace can produce another 1000 videos to bring down the heavenly principles through the Holy Spirit.

All winners will be announced by Tuesday! Thank you that you are part of Triple Grace and that you have chosen to be an end time warrior in the Army of the Lord and that you are ready to become an end time apostle starting now from Pentecost 2020.

May GOD bless you all and your families and may He keep you under his wings always. Amen. Maranatha.


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