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Investing in your Future - Through GOD's way

Do you still believe in the World and Babylon? Do you still invest in stocks and bonds or support your lukewarm pastor in a prosperity church? Or are you investing in your future through the way GOD has commanded it: Secure your future in the Lord by supporting the holy places of the end time movement. A day will come when you will be on the run from the Antichrist or FEMA desperately looking for a safe haven and then the door to a holy place will open because you have helped to establish them. The true sons and daughter of the Most High are being born and uniting as the first born of the Kingdom age in the holy places to bring in the harvest for the Lord. Commit yourself to our Father in Heaven and His Kingdom by becoming a first born of the Kingdom age: Invest in Kingdom purposes only and in your future by establishing the holy places of GOD through the end time movement of the Lord. Safe Havens will be created in which GOD himself will walk with you and will protect you against any scheme of the enemy. Show your faith and wisdom by investing in your future. A future outside of the World and Babylon. Our Future - Rapture, Paradise and the Millennium Kingdom: Michael Triple Grace

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Sharing resources and supporting the children, the needy, the nameless and faceless in all nations.

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