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Fulfill your destiny as an end time Apostle of the Lord

Did you ever had a dream or vision that you are part of the 144000 or that you will serve the Lord as his harvest worker? Then let us join together in a new physical Jesus Movement to walk in his footsteps and to go where ever he goes. Let us unite together as powerful warriors in his army to stand against the evil flood and to restore all things back to the Kingdom of GOD. I am calling the elected ones of the Lord for such a time as this to come together into the end time movement of GOD and to bring in the harvest of the ages. Are you called by the Lord as his warrior and his end time apostle then do not miss the boat: Join us and establish the holy places of the Father in all the nations. You are called for such a time as this. Let us come together now as the standard and banner the Lord is raising against the flood of darkness. The seed of GOD will come together now so that the restoration of all things will start. Michael Triple Grace Contact me at

Triple Grace Charity

Sharing resources and supporting the children, the needy, the nameless and faceless in all nations.

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